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...reflects on the contents of our collection.
Amanti is Latin for:  

”to the one that is loved"



Ask any entrepreneur why they started their company, and they're likely to mention a few words; love, passion, and energy – and even more energy.


This is a valid summary for AMANTI as well.

When I started in 1988 I had the privilege to work with what I love: fashion and quality. Ties and scarves.

I decided early on to stay faithful to Italy and Como. Why? It´s very simple, they are the best! They create the best designs, provide you with the best colours, and best materials as well as the best manufacturing.

I also decided to concentrate on corporate clients. Over the years I have provided ties, scarves and pocket squares to a wide range of customers, including Scania, Audi, Lamborghini, Maersk, ABB, Volvo, Eriksson, Nokia and many, many more.

Why choose AMANTI as supplier?

Well, for the reasons stated above and, importantly, the price. 
I have direct access to manufacturers, which means no middlemen. It also means I never have to compromise regarding quality.

Please contact me for any project.

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